Ghost Mannequin

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Ghost mannequins have always been a favorite for many fashion enthusiasts around the world. Their popularity has increased over the years because their existence in many fashion shows and other promotional events is more than enough to tell the onlooker that a particular item or a brand of clothes is about to be seen and worn. There are times, however, when such mannequins become too much to handle and they need to be handled with care. There are different techniques used by professionals for ghost mannequin removal that can be done professionally without the pain and fuss of having to damage the garment in any way.

So what should professional and skilled photographers do in such a scenario? The ghost mannequin is made from the skin of mannequins that have been prepared to look as realistic as possible. Once the skin of such mannequins is damaged somehow, chances of making such mannequins appear as fake increase, and the entire purpose of using them in advertising campaigns is lost. The term ghost mannequin usually comes because of the invisibility of this mannequin or the costume itself that has been prepared to look as if it has an inner side.

Professionals working in the field of photography will have learned the best Photoshop tricks to remove the outer skin layer of a mannequin so that it appears as a real garment or dress. There are various different techniques that are used for photoshopping such as clothing items and one of them is the process of burning or bleaching. In order to remove the color layer of the fabric from the surface of a mannequin, professionals can use a brush, sponge, and other soft cloth tools along with the most popular tool in Photoshop, the Paint Shop Pro. This software program is considered the industry standard for photoshopped items and it is not very easy to create a good-looking invisible mannequin with this tool. It is also easy to make a transparent mannequin by using the Brighter Yellow method but it takes a longer time to create the perfect invisible garment.

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